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Tyres Canterbury


Choose a tyres brand in Canterbury
1.- Bridgestone in Canterbury           
2.- Michelin in Canterbury               
3.- Cooper Tires in Canterbury          Cooper Tires
4.- Maxxis in Canterbury                    Maxxis tyres
5.- Hankook in Canterbury               
6.- Goodyear in Canterbury                Goodyear tyres
7.- Dunlop in Canterbury                   Dunlop Tyres
8.- Pirelli in Canterbury                      Pirelli tyres
9.- Yokohama in Canterbury             
10.- Firestone in Canterbury              Firestone tyres
11.- Continental in Canterbury          Continental tyres
12.- GT Radial in Canterbury            GT Radial tyres
13.- BF Goodrich in Canterbury       BF Goodrich
14.- Kumho in Canterbury                 Kumho tyres
15.- Falken in Canterbury                    Falken tyres nz
16.- Toyo Tires in Canterbury           
17.- Nexen in Canterbury                   
18.- Nankang in Canterbury                Nankang tyres
19.- Mickey Thompson in Canterbury 
20.- Goodride in Canterbury             
21.- Nitto Tires in Canterbury           

1.- Bridgestone in Canterbury

2.- Michelin in Canterbury 

3.- Cooper Tires in Canterbury

4.- Maxxis in Canterbury

5.- Hankook tyres in Canterbury

6.- Goodyear in Canterbury

7.- Dunlop in Canterbury

8.- Pirelli in Canterbury

9.- Yokohama in Canterbury

10.- Firestone in Canterbury

11.- Continental in Canterbury

12.- GT Radial in Canterbury

13.- BF Goodrich in Canterbury

14.- Kumho in Canterbury

15.- Falken in Canterbury

16.- Toyo tires in Canterbury

17.- Nexen in Canterbury

18.- Nankang in Canterbury

19.- Mickey Thompson in Canterbury

20.- Goodride tyres in Canterbury

21.- Nitto tires in Canterbury

Tyres Canterbury

Canterbury is a region of New Zealand, located in the central-eastern South Island. The region covers an area of 44,508 square kilometres (17,185 sq mi), and is home to a population of 628,600 (June 2019).

The region in its current form was established in 1989 during nationwide local government reforms. The Kaikoura District joined the region in 1992 following the abolition of the Nelson-Marlborough Regional Council.

Christchurch, the South Island’s largest city and the country’s second-largest urban area, is the seat of the region and home to 60 percent of the region’s population. Other major towns and cities include Timaru, Ashburton, Rangiora and Rolleston.