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Tyres Manukau


Choose a tyres brand in Manukau
1.- Bridgestone in Manukau     
2.- Michelin in Manukau         
3.- Cooper Tires in Manukau    Cooper Tires
4.- Maxxis in Manukau              Maxxis tyres
5.- Hankook in Manukau          
6.- Goodyear in Manukau         Goodyear tyres
7.- Dunlop in Manukau             Dunlop Tyres
8.- Pirelli in Manukau                Pirelli tyres
9.- Yokohama in Manukau        
10.- Firestone in Manukau         Firestone tyres
11.- Continental in Manukau     Continental tyres
12.- GT Radial in Manukau        GT Radial tyres
13.- BF Goodrich in Manukau   BF Goodrich
14.- Kumho in Manukau            Kumho tyres
15.- Falken in Manukau              Falken tyres nz
16.- Toyo tires in Manukau       
17.- Nexen in Manukau              
18.- Nankang in Manukau         Nankang tyres
19.- Mickey Thompson in Manukau
20.- Goodride in Manukau           
21.- Nitto tires in Manukau           

Tyres Stores in Manukau

1. Bridgestone in Manukau

2. Michelin in Manukau

3. Cooper Tires in Manukau

4. Maxxis in Manukau

5. Hankook in Manukau

6. Goodyear in Manukau

7. Dunlop in Manukau

8. Pirelli in Manukau

9. Yokohama in Manukau

10. Firestone in Manukau

11. Continental in Manukau

12. GT Radial in Manukau

13. BF Goodrich in Manukau

14. Kumho in Manukau

15. Falken in Manukau

16. Toyo tires in Manukau

17. Nexen in Manukau

18. Nankang in Manukau

19. Mickey Thompson in Manukau

20. Goodride in Manukau

21. Nitto tires in Manukau

▷ Hankook Tyres 

▷ Bridgestone Tyres Manukau 

▷ Falken Tyres

Tyres Manukau

There are an estimated 288.000 vehicles in Manukau, which means there are 1.440.000 tyres in this area.

Manukau is a suburb of South Auckland, New Zealand, centred on the Manukau City Centre business district. It is located 23 kilometres south of the Auckland Central Business District, west of the Southern Motorway, south of Papatoetoe, and north of Manurewa. The industrial and commercial suburb of Wiri lies to the east and south.

The headquarters of Manukau City Council were in Manukau Central until the council was merged into Auckland Council in November 2010. Manukau Central should not be confused with the much larger Manukau City, which was the entire area administered by the city council.

The Manukau Central area was part of the largely rural area of Wiri in the early 20th century. Its transition from farmland was driven by Manukau City Council, which formed in 1965 and purchased land there in 1966 for the development of an administrative and commercial centre. The Manukau City Centre mall, now Westfield Manukau City, opened in October 1976, and the Manukau City Council administration building in 1977. Several government departments established offices in the late 1970s.

In 1983 Manukau City Council decided to rename the area Manukau Central, with the name Wiri continuing for the industrial area to the west. The name Manukau City Centre has been used for the central business district around the mall and city council building.

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