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Tyres Napier


Choose a tyres brand in Napier
1.- Bridgestone in Napier   
2.- Michelin in Napier         
3.- Cooper Tires in Napier   Cooper Tires
4.- Maxxis in Napier             Maxxis tyres
5.- Hankook in Napier         
6.- Goodyear in Napier         Goodyear tyres
7.- Dunlop in Napier              Dunlop Tyres
8.- Pirelli in Napier                 Pirelli tyres
9.- Yokohama in Napier         
10.- Firestone in Napier         Firestone tyres
11.- Continental in Napier     Continental tyres
12.- GT Radial in Napier        GT Radial tyres
13.- BF Goodrich in Napier    BF Goodrich
14.- Kumho in Napier            Kumho tyres
15.- Falken in Napier              Falken tyres nz
16.- Toyo Tires in Napier       
17.- Nexen in Napier             
18.- Nankang in Napier         Nankang tyres
19.- Mickey Thompson in Napier  
20.- Goodride in Napier       
21.- Nitto Tires in Napier     

Tyres Stores in Napier

1. Bridgestone in Napier

2. Michelin in Napier

3. Cooper Tires in Napier

4. Maxxis in Napier

5. Hankook in Napier

6. Goodyear in Napier

7. Dunlop in Napier

8. Pirelli in Napier

9. Yokohama in Napier

10. Firestone in Napier

11. Continental in Napier

12. GT Radial in Napier

13. BF Goodrich in Napier

14. Kumho in Napier

15. Falken in Napier

16. Toyo tires in Napier

17. Nexen in Napier

18. Nankang in Napier

19. Mickey Thompson in Napier

20. Goodride in Napier

21. Nitto tires in Napier

▷ Hankook Tyres 

▷ Bridgestone Tyres

▷ Falken Tyres

Tyres in Napier

There are an estimated 50.000 vehicles in Napier, which means there are 250.000 tyres in this area.

Napier is situated in Hawke Bay to the east of the North Island. Its geography changed significantly in 1931 because of the earthquake that took place in the city. And today, it boasts buildings with styles from that time with an art deco architecture, restored and preserved. And it is also one of the most fertile cities, famous for its fruit, wool and wine production, which are exported through the port of Napier.

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