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Yokohama is a Japanese premium tyre brand which highlights excellent tread life, superior wet traction, outstanding grip in all conditions including a quiet ride. Its most renowned models are AVID, ADVAN and lastly Geolandar for the 4×4 tyre segment. For years, Yokohama was the main sponsor of Chelsea Football Club in England. New Zealand has an extensive distribution of independent tyre stores.

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1.- Yokohama Tyre Shop New Zealand
1.1.- Yokohama Auckland
1.2.- Yokohama Canterbury
1.3.- Yokohama Wellington
1.4.- Yokohama Waikato
1.5.- Yokohama Bay of Plenty
1.6.- Yokohama Otago
1.7.- Yokohama Manawatu-Whanganui
1.8.- Yokohama Northland
1.9.- Yokohama Hawke’s Bay
1.10.- Yokohama Taranaki
1.11.- Yokohama Southland
1.12.- Yokohama Tasman
1.13.- Yokohama Nelson
1.14.- Yokohama Gisborne
1.15.- Yokohama Marlborough
1.16.- Yokohama West Coast
2.- Yokohama Tyres Models
3.- Yokohama History

Yokohama Auckland

Yokohama Canterbury

Yokohama Wellington

Yokohama Waikato

Yokohama Bay of Plenty

Yokohama Tyres Otago

Yokohama Manawatū-Whanganui

Yokohama Tyres Northland

Yokohama Hawke’s Bay

Yokohama Tyres Taranaki

Yokohama Southland

Yokohama Tyres Tasman

Yokohama Nelson

Yokohama Gisborne

Yokohama Marlborough

Yokohama West Coast

2.- Yokohama Tyres Models

▷ Yokohama Geolandar X-AT: It is designed to conquer tough off-road terrain without compromising on pavement comfort. Yokohama’s HD-2 off-road compound uses a blend of three polymers to improve cut and chip resistance as well as durable wear.

▷ Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701: The ADVAN Fleva V701 is a high performance tire suitable for sports cars. Offering agile handling in wet and dry conditions, it’s surprisingly quiet and comfortable. 

▷ Yokohama AVID Ascend LX: It is an exceptional tyre that provides impressive grip and great mileage performance in all types of weather even in winter conditions.

3.- Yokohama Tyres History

Founded in 1917, it was one of many Japanese industrial companies that were created taking advantage of Japan’s opening up to the outside world in the late 19th century. Yokohama Rubber developed in the 20s of the 20th century thanks to the discovery of niches in the Japanese industrial infrastructure that was developing and that needed innovations.

The company’s greatest success at the time was the manufacture of the cord fabric tire, which entered the market in 1921 and became the basis for the further development of the company. The tires that were being used until then in Japan were made of textile, especially simple fabric.

Hamatown Cord, from Yokohama Company, was the first cord fabric tire sold in Japan, three times stronger than textile tires, it quickly gained popularity on Japanese roads. At the same time, the company was also engaged in the development of products related to industrial systems, using rubber to improve conveyor belts in industry.

In 1921, the company began to introduce trimmed-edged rubber drive belts to the market, which rapidly replaced leather belts in many branches of the industry, a great advance for Japanese tires. In 1929, the first V-type belt came out in Japan, which is characterized by higher elasticity and better transmission.

These early actions provided the foundation for the development of the 1930s, when Japan’s economy was experiencing rapid growth and experienced high demand for rubber products. Yokohama developed high-flotation tires, specially designed to prevent overheating problems, including huge truck tires as well as Y-tread tires. In 1930, the company created a soft rubber coating, which will be used in the chemical industry and that protected metals against corrosion and leakage.

Finally, in 1936, he designs and manufactures the first hydraulic brake hose for vehicles in Japan. In 1939, the company made the greatest advance in the history of the synthetic rubber industry, manufacturing its own and putting itself at the forefront of this type of technology.