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Choose a tyres brand in Tauranga
1. Bridgestone in Tauranga     
2. Michelin in Tauranga         
3. Cooper Tires in Tauranga    Cooper Tires
4. Maxxis in Tauranga              Maxxis tyres
5. Hankook in Tauranga         
6. Goodyear in Tauranga         Goodyear tyres
7. Dunlop in Tauranga             Dunlop Tyres
8. Pirelli in Tauranga               Pirelli tyres
9. Yokohama in Tauranga       
10. Firestone in Tauranga       Firestone tyres
11. Continental in Tauranga   Continental tyres
12. GT Radial in Tauranga     GT Radial tyres
13. BF Goodrich in Tauranga  BF Goodrich
14. Kumho in Tauranga         Kumho tyres
15. Falken in Tauranga           Falken tyres nz
16. Toyo tires in Tauranga   
17. Nexen in Tauranga           
18. Nankang in Tauranga      Nankang tyres
19. Mickey Thompson in Tauranga 
20. Goodride Tauranga       
21. Nitto tires in Tauranga

1. Bridgestone in Tauranga

2. Michelin in Tauranga

3. Cooper Tires in Tauranga

4. Maxxis in Tauranga

5. Hankook in Tauranga

6. Goodyear in Tauranga

7. Dunlop in Tauranga

8. Pirelli in Tauranga

9. Yokohama in Tauranga

10. Firestone in Tauranga

11. Continental in Tauranga

12. GT Radial in Tauranga

13. BF Goodrich in Tauranga

14. Kumho in Tauranga

15. Falken in Tauranga

16. Toyo tires in Tauranga

17. Nexen in Tauranga

18. Nankang in Tauranga

19. Mickey Thompson in Tauranga

20. Goodride in Tauranga

21. Nitto tires in Tauranga

▷ Hankook Tyres 

▷ Bridgestone Tyres

▷ Falken Tyres

Tyres in Tauranga

There are an estimated 100.000 vehicles in Tauranga, which means there are 500.000 tyres in this city.

Tauranga is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty and one of the fastest growing centers in the country. Plus, it’s only a 15-minute drive to one of New Zealand’s most popular seaside towns, Mount Maunganui.

The center of Tauranga has several important historical areas to see during a walk around the place. The Strand coastal area has undergone a major renovation in recent years and is home to a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as well as a range of accommodation options.

The port of Tauranga is always present throughout the city, which gives the urban area an attractive coastal setting. Fishing, sailing, diving and dolphin tours are easy to organize; You can also visit one of the beautiful attractions in the area: McLaren Falls or Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. General information: Population of approximately 103,650 inhabitants, i-SITE Visitor Center, airport for domestic flights

Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s major beach towns and one of the fastest growing in the country, after Auckland Harbor it is the busiest port in the country. One of the main attractions is Mount Maunganui, located on a small peninsula, where it is possible to hike to the top, which has an incredible view of the city.

In the city it is possible to surf and windsurf. The white sand beaches that begin there extend to Whakatane, 100km to the east.

Whakatane is the starting point for expeditions to White Island, New Zealand’s only active marine volcano.

Tauranga’s lush parks and golden sandy beaches make it a popular destination for lovers of the outdoors and water sports. On the North Island of New Zealand you will find many diverse opportunities for surfing, rafting, kite surfing, hiking and golf. Bathe in the refreshing pools of the Kaiate Falls, whose waters descend beautifully over the crags.

The whole family will love visiting one of Tauranga’s amusement parks, taking a guided nature tour, or swimming with dolphins in the Bay of Plenty.

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