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Mickey Thompson is a tyre brand specializing in the off-road sector, its All Terrain and Mud Terrain tyres are known throughout the world. The brand is originally from the United States and specializes in jeep tyres, truck tyres, drag tyres and street tyres. Its most famous models are the BAJA BOSS M / T, BAJA ATZ, BAJA MTZ, DEGAAN 38, BAJA PRO XS, BAJA BOSS X and BAJA PRO X.

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1.- Mickey Thompson Tyre Shop New Zealand
1.1.- Mickey Thompson Auckland
1.2.- Mickey Thompson Canterbury
1.3.- Mickey Thompson Wellington
1.4.- Mickey Thompson Waikato
1.5.- Mickey Thompson Bay of Plenty
1.6.- Mickey Thompson Otago
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2.- Mickey Thompson Tyres Models
3.- Mickey Thompson History

Mickey Thompson Auckland

Mickey Thompson Canterbury

Mickey Thompson Wellington

Mickey Thompson Waikato

Mickey Thompson Bay of Plenty

Mickey Thompson Tyres Otago

Mickey Thompson Manawatū-Whanganui

Mickey Thompson Tyres Northland

Mickey Thompson Hawke’s Bay

Mickey Thompson Tyres Taranaki

Mickey Thompson Southland

Mickey Thompson Tyres Tasman

Mickey Thompson Nelson

Mickey Thompson Gisborne

Mickey Thompson Marlborough

Mickey Thompson West Coast

2.- Mickey Thompson Tyres Models

▷ Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3

Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All Terrain

▷ Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Mud Terrain

Mickey Thompson BAJA ATZ P3 Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS M/T Mickey Thompson BAJA MTZ P3 Mickey Thompson DEEGAN 38 Mickey Thompson SPORTSMAN S/T RADIAL Mickey Thompson STREET COMP

3.- Mickey Thompson Tyres History 

For many people Mickey Thompson is another brand of tyres, what they do not know is that a large number of the innovations that we enjoy today in our car or truck are the creation of this motor legend.

Born in the United States in 1928, Mickey began to develop his passion for speed at a young age, leading him to be an exceptional automotive driver and technician, as well as a talented designer, manufacturer and marketer of racing and performance equipment.

Mickey’s passion and knowledge found the ideal partner in Gene McMannis, brilliant businessman and ex-Goodyear designer. Together in 1963, they founded their own company dedicated to the manufacture of innovative tyres and wheels mainly for the cars that Mickey raced.

Back when most tyres had a narrow tread made of hard rubber, Mickey and Gene introduced their first innovation to the market: a tyre made of softer rubber, with a three times wider tread and a lower profile. These three characteristics gave the tyre greater stability and a lower centre of gravity. As a result, Mickey’s cars became so fast that they were nearly banned from racing, and his tyres laid the foundation for the tyres currently rolling on the Formula 1 and Indy tracks.

In 1969 Mickey switched to off-road racing. This change resulted in more experience on the tracks and even more thirst for innovation which is why once again Gene and Mickey created tyres so advanced that many years later, 1982, they helped him set a new speed record, this time on the Baja 1000. , the fiercest of off-road racing.

Unknowingly, today we enjoy several of the innovations that Gene and Mickey wheels brought to the market. For example in the tyres for 4 × 4 vehicles, where it is common to see tyres with a tread in their profile, directional tread pattern at 23 degrees, or in light trucks where Mickey Thompson introduced the 40-inch wheels.

Our online tire store carries several of the Mickey Thompson tires. You can choose between Baja ATZ 4Rib, Baja ATZ Plus or Baja STZ off-road, and Baja Claw TTC, Baja MTZ or Baja Claw off-road.

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