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Toyo Tyre is an established Japanese tyre brand in the United States. For over 65 years, Toyo Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd has built a solid reputation throughout the world. Their outstanding advertising is aimed at race cars, along with being a sponsor of the famous rally driver Ken Block. Its most famous tyre models are Proxes Sport, Proxes R888 and Open County AT.


1.- Toyo Tyres Tyre Shop New Zealand
1.1.- Toyo Tires Auckland
1.2.- Toyo Tires Canterbury
1.3.- Toyo Tires Wellington
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2.- Toyo Tires Models
3.- Toyo Tires History

Toyo Tires Auckland

Toyo Tires Canterbury

Toyo Tires Wellington

Toyo Tires Tyres Waikato

Toyo Tires Tyres Bay of Plenty

Toyo Tires Tyres Otago

Toyo Tires Manawatū-Whanganui

Toyo Tires  Tyres Northland

Toyo Tires Hawke’s Bay

Toyo Tires Tyres Taranaki

Toyo Tires Southland

Toyo Tires Tasman

Toyo Tires Nelson

Toyo Tires Gisborne

Toyo Tires Marlborough

Toyo Tires West Coast

2.- Toyo Tires Tyres Models

▷ Toyo Proxes Sport

▷ Toyo Proxes R888

Toyo Open County AT II

Toyo A20 Toyo A22 Toyo A23 Toyo A24 Toyo A36 Toyo NanoEnergy A29 Toyo Open Country A20 Toyo Open Country A25A Toyo Open Country A26 Toyo Open Country A30 Toyo Open Country A31 Toyo Open Country A/T II Toyo Open Country HT-D Toyo Open Country M/T Toyo Open Country R/T Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Toyo Proxes A18 Toyo Proxes A20 Toyo Proxes A27 Toyo Proxes R1R

3.- Toyo Tyres History 

Toyo Tires began in August of 1945, actually between a merger between two companies. Those two companies would be Hirano Rubber Manufacturing and Toyo Industrial.

Hirano Rubber was founded in 1890. Hirano has been known in the industrial community for the rubber manufacturing plants that they have for a long time. And, over the course of decades that had gone through the 18 and 1900s, they specialized just making rubber hoses and components for pretty much anything. And it wasn´t until the World War II came around, Hirano Rubber was really starting to get in pressure with regards to where they were producing supplies and other sorts of rubber compounds for pretty much any kind of war effort.

So back in 1943, Hirano was looking for a company that they could partner with that would match them on a supply that the actual government was looking to get the rubber manufacturing companies and Toyo Industrial was essentially brought into the mix.

Toyo Proxes

In 1938 Toyo Rubber was born, and that was conducted by a man named Toyo Boseki, and in 1938 Toyo just came on board as one of those companies that had everything going for them. A lot of their growth was through acquisitions and mergers, not by natural organic growth.

It wasn’t until 1943 came along until they started to realize that Toyo was going to essentially become the sole proprietor use of all rubber manufacturing tires for Japan, they had just all the mergers and all the acquisition back in the time that it was just the company to go to.

Toyo Tires came to the USA in 1966 of July, from them Toyo truly began to grow through organic growth on top of the mergers and acquisitions that they had throughout the decades, especially considering when they went public to the stock market.

Toyo owns Toyo Tires, Nitto is owned by Toyo, Silverstone is also owned by Toyo. So Toyo Tires essentially an extremely large market share, and although we think that they do all things car, Toyo actually has a lot more focus on the wheels of their trucks, especially their Open Country and tires of that nature.

Toyo Plan Japan

Toyo has a division that specializes in all thing rubber; this division makes up about 20% of its overall business. Really what they do, is any sort of commercial products that they can get their hands on when it comes to rubber automotive manufacturing parts.

Toyo tires are just a good brand, and they do very well at what they do. On top of that, they’re involved in almost every single motorsport you can possibly imagine. Toyo is a brand that pretty much carries every sort of possible product that you could want as long you have cash. Toyo is not of those more affordable brands, especially when it came to tires. Toyo specializes in making tires for specific application purpose.

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