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Nitto Tires NZ | Prices & Stores | New Zealand

TYRES PRICES Nitto Tire Price NZ

  205/40 R17 Nitto Tires NEOGEN 285/75 R18 Nitto Tires Terra Grappler235/40 R18 Nitto Tires NT01 275/30 R19 Nitto Tires NT555G2 215/45 R17 Nitto Tires NT860 305/55 R20 Nitto Tires Ridge Grappler 


          1.- Nitto Tyre Shop New Zealand
          1.1.- Nitto Auckland
          1.2.- Nitto Canterbury
          1.3.- Nitto Wellington
          1.4.- Nitto Waikato
          1.5.- Nitto Bay of Plenty
          1.6.- Nitto Otago
          1.7.- Nitto Manawatū-Whanganui
          1.8.- Nitto Northland
          1.9.- Nitto Hawke’s Bay
          1.10.- Nitto Taranaki
          1.11.- Nitto Southland
          1.12.- Nitto Tasman
          1.13.- Nitto Nelson
          1.14.- Nitto Gisborne
          1.15.- Nitto Marlborough
          1.16.- Nitto West Coast
     2.- Nitto Tyres Models
     3.- Nitto Tires NZ Phone List
     4.- Nitto Tyres History
     5.- Nitto Tires Question and Answer

1.- Nitto Tyre Shop New Zealand

Nitto Auckland

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Canterbury

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Wellington

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Waikato

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Bay of Plenty

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Tyres Otago

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Manawatū-Whanganui

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Tyres Northland

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Hawke’s Bay

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Tyres Taranaki

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Southland

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Tyres Tasman

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Nelson

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Gisborne

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto Marlborough

Nitto Tires Logo

Nitto West Coast

Nitto Tires Logo

2.- Nitto Tires NZ Telephone List

Essential Tyres & Auto Limited – Auckland
Phone: +64 9577 3099

Mag & Turbo North Shore – Auckland
Phone: +649 443 3926

Mag & Turbo New Lynn – Auckland
Phone: +64 9 827 8686

Mag & Turbo Ponsonby – Auckland
Phone: +64 9 222 2624

Mag & Turbo Manukau – Auckland
Phone: +64 9 263 4400

Mag & Turbo Henderson – Auckland
Phone: +64 9218 7962

Tyre Zone Glenfield – Auckland
Phone: +64 9 442 4499

Albanyv Tyres Ltd – Auckland
Phone: +64 9415 9892

Tyre Pro Takapuna – Auckland
Phone: +649 489 1118

Mag & Turbo Christchurch – Canterbury
Phone:  +64 3 365 6613

Central City Tyres Ltd – Canterbury
Phone: +64 3379 4367

Goodyear Auto Service Centre Timaru – Canterbury
Phone: +64 3688 6666

Mag & Turbo Mt Wellington – Wellington
Phone: +64 9 282 3808

Mag & Turbo Lower Hutt – Wellington
Phone: +64 4 569 4499

Mag & Turbo Porirua – Wellington
Phone: +64 4650 3334

Mag & Turbo Hamilton – Waikato
Phone: +64 7849 5600

Mag & Turbo Tauranga – Bay of Plenty
Phone: +64 7 571 5211

Mag & Turbo Rotorua – Bay of Plenty
Phone: +64 7 349 0080

Mag & Turbo Dunedin – Otago
Phone: +64 3455 8590

Mag & Turbo Palmerston North
Phone: +64 6356 6006

Gas & Tyre Waipapa – Northland
Phone: +64 9407 9476

Gas & Tyre Service Whangarei – Northland
Phone: +64 9438 8189

Mag & Turbo Whangarei – Northland
Phone: +64 9438 9225

Mag & Turbo Hastings – Hawke’s Bay
Phone: +64 6 870 8953

Waitara Tyre Services – Taranaki
Phone: +64 6754 6565

All Tyres Invercargill – Southland
Phone: +64 3215 8900

Mag & Turbo Nelson – Nelson
Phone: +64 3546 7008

Mag & Turbo Blenheim – Marlborough
Phone: +64 3 579 1645

3.- Nitto Tires Models

Nitto Tires Logo

▷ Nitto Ridge Grappler

▷ Nitto Mud Grappler

▷ Nitto INVO

Nitto DUNE GRAPPLER Nitto DURA GRAPPLER Nitto EXO GRAPPLER AWT Nitto INVO Nitto MOTIVO Nitto MUD GRAPPLER Nitto NEO GEN Nitto NT01  Nitto NT90W Nitto NT420S  Nitto NT421Q  Nitto NT555  Nitto NT860 Nitto NT-SN2 Nitto RIDGE GRAPPLER

4.- Nitto Tires History

Nitto Tires produces one of the most unique tyre designs for almost every performance category. This includes on-road, off-road, rally racing, quarter-races, drifting, or luxury touring. Nitto Tires has practically a tyre for every specific need of yours. A prominent type in their range of tyres is the Nitto Grappler Tire. This tyre was designed for trucks and SUVs ranging from highway cruiser vehicles to extreme off-road applications.

The Nitto Motivo, Neogen, INVO and NT series are designs that span across all four seasons and apply to almost every vehicle on the road. While some of the tyres are for street performance, others are made for quiet passenger comfort and still others are for winter performance driving. Nitto racing tyres are another in the series that undergo extreme performance and, in many cases, are not legally allowed on the street.

Nitto Tires was formed as a small company in Japan in 1949 and has been a low-profile tyre manufacturing business entity for a considerable period. When it comes to the big names in tyres around the world, manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Sumitomo quickly come to mind. Nitto Tires was finally acquired in 1979 by Toyo Tires, and since then it has continued to experience many ups and downs at the company in its operations. In the mid-1990s, the company’s operations practically ceased to exist in its home country of Japan. Still, they continued to prosper in the United States, where demand for tyres continues to see steady increases.

As a result of this modest success story in the United States, Toyo Tires considers Nitto Tires to be an all-American business organization. Since 2000, when Nitto Tires top management undertook a complete reorganization that saw the company shake off the ashes to emerge once again as a startup.

Today Nitto Tires has production facilities spread across the United States, China, Malaysia and Japan, producing all-terrain, high-performance and luxury tyres and selling the same everywhere. Nitto Tires’ success story is widely believed to have been underlined by its deep involvement of online marketing and social media in its marketing operations with more than 11 million followers on Facebook alone.

Nitto Tires currently has around two dozen tyre models that ensure there is a tyre for every trip. The use of computer-aided tyre design, rigorous testing procedures, and a large volume of consumer feedback also contributed to the company’s rise. Nitto Tires gives you more speed, more traction, less drag, better handling and more comfort.

6.- Nitto Tires NZ Question & Answer

What’s the difference between Nitto Tires and the rest of other brands?

The big difference between Nitto Tires and the rest of the tyres brands is the target market. Nitto made tyres for enthusiastic people who adore cars.

Why are Nitto Tires so popular in USA?

Without a doubt, Nitto Tires has the best tyre designs on the market. They are not a cheap tyres, but they are really worth it. They may have gained popularity with their famous Nitto Ridge Grappler all-terrain tire or maybe or it could be because of its aggressive NT model street tyres. Likewise, if you want to get noticed with your tyres, Nitto is definitely for you.

What nationality is Nitto Tires?

It is a difficult question to answer, Nitto Tires is originally from Japan but its resurgence and popularity comes from the United States of America. Today its production plants are in the USA, Japan and Malaysia.

Which Nitto Tires is the best?

– All Terrain Tyre: Nitto Ridge Grappler
– Mud Terrain Tyre: Nitto Trail Grappler M/T
– All Season Passenger: Nitto Neo Gen
– Summer Passenger Cars: Nitto NT01

Nitto Tires and Toyo Tires are the same company?

Yes, Toyo tire & Rubber company is the owner of Nitto Tires. However, this brand is so successful that it operates alone from the United States of America.