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Albany Tyres Ltd- Nitto

Albany Tyres Ltd


Albanyv Tyres Ltd

Phone: +64 9415 9892

Tyres Brands: GT Radial, Michelin, Nexen, Nitto, Pirelli, Yokohama.

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Address: 533 State Highway 17, Albany, Auckland

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 07:30 – 17:00, Saturday: 08:00–13:00, Sunday: Close.

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Albany is located in the north-east of downtown Auckland, 15 kilometers from the port of Waitematā. It is one of the newest suburbs of the city since much of northern Albany remains semi-rural. Your shopping center Westfield Albany and in the Town Center area, in recent years there has been facilitated a large housing development by the expansion of the north through the area.

About Albany Tyres Ltd

At Albany Tires & Alignment, they will provide an excellent tyre and wheel alignment service for those in Auckland’s North Shore.

For over 25 years, they are dedicated to providing a committed service to North Shore drivers, consistently maintaining a strong community focus, capable of meeting all of your tyre-related needs as they arise.

Albany Tires is a tyre specialist shop, and you will find the perfect tyres for your vehicle, whatever make you are looking for.

Being a proud independently owned tyre shop, they are not affiliated with any particular tyre brand. This is why they have more purchasing power and can offer the widest variety of tyres in New Zealand for their loyal customers.

Albany Tires & Alignment has new tyres and high-quality pre-owned to suit all budget budgets. Thank you to this, all Auckland drivers can feel safer on the road without the need for expensive tyres.

They have a professionally trained team that excels in all areas of tire care, including wheel alignment and puncture repair. As a result, Albany Tires is the place you can trust for optimal car performance, with the best quality and assured care.

They continue to build and maintain a healthy and loyal customer base due to an ongoing commitment with the best quality of service and customer service.

They love to think of this tyre store as the home of luxury tyres at a reasonable price, accessible and adapted to their needs, without a doubt, if you are looking for good service, quality and cost choose Albany Tires & Alignment!

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Nitto Tires History

Nitto Tires produces one of the most unique tyre designs for almost every performance category. This includes on-road, off-road, rally racing, quarter-races, drifting, or luxury touring. Nitto Tires has practically a tyre for every specific need of yours. A prominent type in their range of tyres is the Nitto Grappler Tire. This tyre was designed for trucks and SUVs ranging from highway cruiser vehicles to extreme off-road applications.

The Nitto Motivo, Neogen, INVO and NT series are designs that span across all four seasons and apply to almost every vehicle on the road. While some of the tyres are for street performance, others are made for quiet passenger comfort and still others are for winter performance driving. Nitto racing tyres are another in the series that undergo extreme performance and, in many cases, are not legally allowed on the street.

Nitto Tires was formed as a small company in Japan in 1949 and has been a low-profile tyre manufacturing business entity for a considerable period. When it comes to the big names in tyres around the world, manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Sumitomo quickly come to mind. Nitto Tires was finally acquired in 1979 by Toyo Tires, and since then it has continued to experience many ups and downs at the company in its operations. In the mid-1990s, the company’s operations practically ceased to exist in its home country of Japan. Still, they continued to prosper in the United States, where demand for tyres continues to see steady increases.

As a result of this modest success story in the United States, Toyo Tires considers Nitto Tires to be an all-American business organization. Since 2000, when Nitto Tires top management undertook a complete reorganization that saw the company shake off the ashes to emerge once again as a startup.

Today Nitto Tires has production facilities spread across the United States, China, Malaysia and Japan, producing all-terrain, high-performance and luxury tyres and selling the same everywhere. Nitto Tires’ success story is widely believed to have been underlined by its deep involvement of online marketing and social media in its marketing operations with more than 11 million followers on Facebook alone.

Nitto Tires currently has around two dozen tyre models that ensure there is a tyre for every trip. The use of computer-aided tyre design, rigorous testing procedures, and a large volume of consumer feedback also contributed to the company’s rise. Nitto Tires gives you more speed, more traction, less drag, better handling and more comfort.

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