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Select Your Nearest Kumho Tyres Stores

Kumho is a leading tyre brand in Korea. Thanks to its exceptional quality and huge expansion of cars made in Korea, the company has achieved recognition and stability in the global tyre market. Presently Kumho is one of the main sponsors of the NBA in the USA.

TYRES PRICES Kumho Tyre Price NZ

1.- Kumho Tyre Shop New Zealand
1.1.- Kumho Auckland
1.2.- Kumho Canterbury
1.3.- Kumho Wellington
1.4.- Kumho Waikato
1.5.- Kumho Bay of Plenty
1.6.- Kumho Otago
1.7.- Kumho Manawatū-Whanganui
1.8.- Kumho Northland
1.9.- Kumho Hawke’s Bay
1.10.- Kumho Taranaki
1.11.- Kumho Southland
1.12.- Kumho Tasman
1.13.- Kumho Nelson
1.14.- Kumho Gisborne
1.15.- Kumho Marlborough
1.16.- Kumho West Coast
2.- Kumho Tyres Models
3.- Kumho History

Kumho Auckland

Kumho Canterbury

Kumho Wellington

Kumho Tyres Waikato

Kumho Tyres Bay of Plenty

Kumho Tyres Otago

Kumho Manawatū-Whanganui

Kumho Tyres Northland

Kumho Hawke’s Bay

Kumho Tyres Taranaki

Kumho Southland

Kumho Tyres Tasman

Kumho Nelson

Kumho Gisborne

Kumho Marlborough

Kumho West Coast

2.- Kumho Tyres Models

▷ Kumho Ecsta PA51

▷ Kumho Crugen HT51

▷ Kumho Solus KH16

Kumho Crugen HP71 Kumho Crugen HT51 Kumho Crugen Premium Kumho Ecsta AST Kumho Ecsta PA31 Kumho Ecsta PA51 Kumho Ecsta PS31 Kumho Ecsta PS91 Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 Kumho Ecsta V700 Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR Kumho Majesty 9 Solus TA91 Kumho Majesty Solus Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 Kumho Road Venture AT51 Kumho Road Venture MT51 Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 Kumho Solus KH16

3.- Kumho Tyres History

The history of Kumho Tires begins in 1960 in South Korea, its name translates to “bright lake” and it has been its philosophy in the creation of its products, giving users a great experience when driving their vehicles. Kumho Tires has done a short time, what has taken place in the tire sector for a long time and this can be seen in the fact that Kumho is one of the 10 tire manufacturers in the world, and currently has more than 7 factories located in South Korea, Vietnam, China and the United States where tires are produced.

Kumho Tires invests a large part of its earnings in technology development always to surprise users with new products. Kumho Tires apart from manufacturing tires for automobiles, crossovers, sports vehicles, vans, light trucks and commercial, Kumho also produces tires for racing vehicles. Kumho offers a wide variety of ranges for all tastes. Ecsta for high performance, Solus and Sense for touring, Crugen and Road Venture light trucks and vans.