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Duffs Tyres – Warkworth – Nexen

Duffs Tyres - Warkworth


Duffs Tyres – Warkworth

Phone: +64 9425 0295

Tyres Brands: Nexen, GT Radial

nexen tyres GT Radial tyres

Address: Unit 4, 6-14 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 16:30, Saturday: 08:00–12:00, Sunday: Close.

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About Duffs Tyres

DUFFS TYRES, has the best tire store and services in general, along with a team of friendly people and tire specialists who promise to find the perfect tires for your vehicle, of the brand you like the most.

They have to offer a wide range of quality new and used tires, adapted to all budgets and aimed at providing safe driving on the road to their loyal customers.

Because they consider your safety and comfort paramount, they take care of a full range of services, including wheel alignment and puncture repair, for optimum performance of your car.

For over 20 years, they have been committed to serving all people who seek to meet their vehicle-related needs. They will always provide you with the best care and advice.

Warkworth is located in the northern part of the Auckland region, it is known as the Kowhai coast, name of a native tree. The Kowhai Festival is held in the city and lasts about a week in spring and is one of the largest community festivals in the country. Its population is 6,000 inhabitants. To 5km to the south of Warkworth, there is the principal terrestrial station of communications for satellite.

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Nexen Tyres History 

Nexen tyres is the first company to ever manufactured tyres in Korea and with it start as the entire industry in 1942. Nexen tires later evolved in the 80s and 90s to become a company possessing world-class technology prowess through technical tyres and global tire Giants.

Established a brand in the US, Nexen Tire America Inc. Since then Nexen tire has progressively been making inroads into foreign markets such as the US, China and Europe, expanding its business horizons as an emerging global company.

Over the past 70 years, Nexen tires relentlessly pursued challenges and innovations based on a superior technology and manufacturing competiveness. Nexen tire rewards the world´s highest growth rate every year setting upon a new history.

The competence of Nexen tire come from superior manufacturing competitiveness of each of its production bases with tyres factories in Korea, China and Europe. The passion and dream of Nexen tire to develop the world’s best quality tires is being realized through its continuous commitment to research and taking on new challenges.

Nexen tires has established a global R&D network led by its main R&D center in Yongsan Korea along with its R&D facilities in the US, China and Germany where it developed future oriented innovate products that will lead the global market, through reinforced technical competitiveness.

Nexen tyre is engaged in developing tires with optimal driving performance responding proactively to various driving conditions and diverse needs through the global market.

Nexen tires gas established sales branches in over 20 countires aroud the world and currently operates in over 130 countries to satisfy both distributor and consumers, Nexen Tires has been building a global customer service network across the world. In particular by continuously expanding  OS apply to global automakers it is closer than ever to being a familiar brand among global customers.

Nexen tire is in constant pursuit of becoming a socially responsible company that enables it to not simply remain as a tire manufacturer but a company that extends sincere care to all customers and local communities, always putting customers first.

Nexen tires communicate with its loyal customers through a variety of activities with various means of sports marketing such as professional football games as well exhibitions, events and efforts to showcases its leading customers services.

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