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Carters Tyres Te Puke – Pirelli

Carters Tyres Te Puke


Carters Tyres Te Puke

Phone: +64 7573 9399

Tyres Brands: Falken, GT Radial, Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear.

Falken tyres  Pirelli tyres GT Radial tyresGoodyear tyres

Address: 2 Bainbridge Avenue, Te Puke, Bay of Plenty. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 17:00, Saturday: 09:00–12:00, Sunday: Close.

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About Carters Tyres Te Puke

Carters Tyres Service is one of New Zealand’s most iconic tyre companies. Founded in 1985 by New Zealand businessman Gary Carter, today it has more than 40 branches throughout the country.

What makes this company special and important is that it re-invests all its capital in setting up new tyre stores in different towns in all New Zealand, giving back to the community all the support they have given this company over the years.

Carters Tyres Service is a family business managed by Gary and Matt Carter (son) together, achieving to open new modern tyres stores in recent years.

In addition, the company is specialized in car, truck and agricultural tyres. And it also provides the services of alignment, punctures, wheels and batteries.

Carters Tyres Service are New Zealand´s largest independent 100% kiwi owned and operated serving clients like big trucks companies to the smaller family wagons. For tractor to racing cars, from north to south in the country, the company always has its doors open for customers who need tyres.

How important is the farming community to your business:
I think it’s massive. Every farmer’s got a car, most have a truck or a tractor. It’s an important part of our business. And what we’re doing with REX is a good opportunity and will definitely increase our business, quite considerably.

Who are your biggest clients:
Fonterra’s our largest transport account in Australasia. Forget the number of trucks they have… it’s about what they do.

Do you have any plans in the future to expand your business:
Two years ago we went into the South Island. We see a lot of opportunity in the South Island. We’ve now got seven branches across the South Island and 34 branches in total across New Zealand.

Anything else you’d like to add:
Carters Tyres in 100-percent New Zealand owned. It’s a family business and I think we need to push that quite hard. Everything we earn gets spent in the local market or returned to New Zealand. It doesn’t go overseas.

Te Puke is a rural town that is located 28 km southeast of Tauranga, and west of the Bay of Plenty region. Thanks to its fertile soils and good humid climate it has been very favourable for the cultivation of vegetables and citrus fruits with a notable production of kiwis. The town is known as “The Kiwi Capital”. It is a very prosperous city with a commercial street that is also the passage of the main road through Te Puke. Its population is around 7.100 inhabitants.

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Pirelli Tyres History

It was on January 28, 1872 when Giovanni Battista Pirelli obtained the registration of a company that began as a producer of rubber objects and has ended up being a benchmark for high-performance tires

Born on December 27, 1848 in Varenna, Giovanni Battista Pirelli was the eighth of ten children of Santino Pirelli, a baker, and Rosa Riva, although only five survived. After his initial studies, he transferred to Milan to study physics and mathematics, then to Pavia to expand them, he enlisted with Garibaldi’s troops in the War of Independence of 1866 and finally returned to Milan to obtain the title of industrial engineer, that he got with the best grades of his promotion.

That earned him a scholarship that, through Europe, allowed him to meet great companies, personalities and production methods. But above all, an element that was revolutionizing the industry: rubber, or elastic rubber. The fellowship lasted until September 1871. But Pirelli already had an idea in mind, and so, on January 28, 1872, he founded the GB Pirelli & Co., of which he was the sole managing partner, with a registered capital of 215,000 lire. His first factory, on the banks of the Sevesetto, was modest, with only a thousand square meters and just 45 workers, which in just 10 years will already be 250.

Initially with rubber tubes and tapes, but gradually expanding the business to shoe soles, raincoats or tire cables, only three years after the company was founded, half of the country’s demand for rubber objects is Pirelli. But that’s not enough. Pirelli’s mind for the future leads him to see the future in telecommunications. And it is there where from 1881 onwards it will expand its range of products, with submarine cables for telecommunications, which allowed the telegraph cables to be passed under water not only in Italy, but also in Africa or from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca.

That prosperity also had to confront legitimate workers’ demands. That is where the first chapter of the Pirelli series begins and ends, with the strike on May 5, 1898 that resulted in the Bava Beccaris massacre, with 418 people killed and hundreds injured by police and government repression. Giovanni Battista Pirelli thinks from his factory how to improve the employment situation, which in the future will lead to a scientific organization of work, the presence of doctors and psychological tests and an improvement in working conditions. But just before, in 1901, the production of what would be the signature work and hallmark of the firm had started: automobile and motorcycle tires.

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